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Welcome to AOI Systems

Automation is the key to success in today's PCB production environment . With increasing demand to drive down costs and maintain high quality, AOI provides you with the cost effective solution. AOI Systems offer a range of solutions to meet the requirements of every production facility and has put AOI within the reach of all manufacturers.

AOI Systems first introduced the ScanSpection Image Comparator as an inspection aid for first article inspection and small batch production runs. The success of the comparator and understanding of customer requirements allowed further development of the system, introducing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) as an option. This option quickly became the main system requirement, with the image comparator included as additional pre-installed software.

ScanSpection AOI, First Article and Comparator systems, offer in-line and off-line solutions utilizing the same algorithm group across the range. This allows technicians to create inspection programs in minutes rather than hours.

AOI Systems provides more than just inspection tools. They provide process improvement and QA tools. With over 15 years of experience in the AOI market and distributing Video Microscopes, X-Ray & Camera Based AOI Worldwide, whatever your requirements, AOI Systems can provide you with the inspection solution.

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Worldwide Customer List (Partial)

Partnertech (UK)
Syntel Testsysteme (Germany)
Dynamic EMS (UK)
Seaward (UK)
Hosiden Besson (UK)
Skilcom (UK)
CTS Corporation (UK)
ACW (China)
Daletech (UK)
Kelvinside (UK)
PI Research (UK)
Allgood Technologies (UK)
Teddington Controls (UK)
Norcott Technologies (UK)
S2S (UK)
PCB Professional (Russia)
Electro (UK)
Goodrich (UK)
Strong Electronics (UK)
Digitimer (UK)
Prism Electronics (UK)
TEMYS (Ukraine)
Microforge Systems (UK)
LPA Excil (UK)
Avin Electronics (UK)
Stewart Technology (UK)
Denis Ferranti Meters (UK)
Lucky Star (China)
Davtrend (UK)
Spimin (UK)
BW Electronics (UK)
Sascal (UK)
duagon AG (Switzerland)
Autronic (Germany)
Kasdon Electronics (UK)
Aero Stanrew (UK)
Lockheed Martin (USA-MA)
Dan Marco (USA-OH)
Risetronics (Belgium)
Indtec (USA-CA)
Rantec Power (USA-CA)
NPI Solutions (UK)
TouchPad Electronics (USA-WI)
ArTronics (UK)
EAS Technology (UK)

Herald Electronics (UK)
Kentech (UK)
Arrowvale (UK)
Bepe Tech (Germany)
Sundance (UK)
Harman Becker (USA-OH)
Simtek EMS (UK)
Interface Manufacturing (UK)
SMTech (South Africa)
Microtronix (South Africa)
MIT - Lincoln Labs (USA-MA)
Triangle Electronics (UK)
Foster Freeman (UK)
Opsol (UK)
CoorsTek (UK)
United EMS (UK)
Reflow (UK)
Nexlogic (USA-CA)
European Circuits (UK)
MC Miller (USA-FL)
Unicomp (China)
DS Designs (UK)
Synergenics (USA-CA)
Eurointech (Russia)
MOOG (Germany)
Stadium Electronics (UK)
TDK Lambda (UK)
ESD Limited (UK)
Flextronics (Austria)
Copernica (UK)
Pine (USA-PA)
Datron (USA-CA)
Electron Coil (USA-NY)
Aztek Power (USA-CA)
10K (UK)
I-Com (UK)
ZOT Engineering (UK)
BAE Systems (UK)
On-Time Communications (UK)
Invicta Electronics (UK)
Lumasmart (USA-MI)
SP Engineering (CAN-BC)
PDM Solutions (USA-CA)
KDP Electronics (UK)
Access IS (UK)
ATI (Korea)

Aclet (UK)
Matrix (Germany)
A2000 (Germany)
TESK (Germany)
TenStep Limited (UK)
Quick Circuits (UK)
Stanley Security (UK)
M-Tek (UK)
Rademacher (Germany)
Beflex Electronic(Germany)
Elprog (Germany)
Vario Systems(Germany)
Bepe Tec (Germany)
Mackwell Electronics (UK)
ACJ (France)
Intercole Tech (UK)
Trolex (UK)
EC Electronics (UK)
Cope Technology (UK)
Thames Gateway(UK)
C-Tech (UK)
Assempol (Poland)
Pascal (UK)
SK Techno (Ukraine)
Castle Technologies (UK)
US Army (USA-NY)
Hunter Technology Corp (USA-CA)
Car Audio Systems (Germany)
Sloan Electronics (UK)
Harting Group (UK)
Kitron (Norway)
Walkbury Electronics (UK)
Cimar (NL)
Assemblics (NL)
Daniel Josefsson (UK)
Quality Precision Electronics (UK)
Teknoflex (UK)
Dy-Tech (UK)
Dynalab (USA-OH)
Divsys International (USA-IN)
Trombetta (USA-MA)
Seica (FR)
Centurion Systems (SA))
Wavemar (UK)
Carvin Corp (USA-CA)
Contract Purchasing (UK)
August Electronics (Canada-AB)

Cursor Controls (UK)
TQ Systems (Germany)
Zeal Electronics (UK)
OWL Computing (USA-CT)
B&S Electronics (UK)
Toucan Systems (UK)
Microhard (Canada-AB)
UK Electronics (UK)
Hallmark Electronics (UK)
GN Systems (UK)
Team Manufacturing (UK)
GILL Instruments (UK)
Mircom (Canada-ON)
VuNics (Canada-ON)
Scotland Electronics (UK)
Avcom (USA-OH)
Vanguard (USA-OR)
Intel (USA-OR)
Comtree (Canada-ON)
Emerson Process (Canada-ON)
TT Electronics (USA-OH)
Libra Industries (USA-OH)
Tetrad Electronics (USA-OH)
Just Electronics (UK)
On Time Communications (UK)
TT Electronics (UK)
Techtron Systems (USA-OH)
RW Technologies (USA-IL)
Manufacturing Services (USA-WA)
Qualitrol (UK)
Avidyne (USA-FL)
CarSan (Canada-ON)
SisTech Manufacturing (USA-OR)
Qualitel (USA-OR)
Prototype Electronics (UK)
Cubik (UK)
Dimension Engineering (USA-OH)
Career Technologies (USA-CA)
Wireless Technology (USA-CA)
Global Electron (USA-CA)
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Annicom (UK)
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