First Article Inspection -The FA-Inspector is a scanner-based optical inspection system used to automate first article inspections and subsequent production inspection tasks without programming. The FA-Inspector has two primary modes of operation: Comparator Mode and AOI Mode. Both AOI and Comparator Modes generate comprehensive reports complete with error location marks, fault classifications including the full PCB image or XY layout for easy rework. Reports can be viewed, printed, saved or emailed to customers for rapid prototype review. Defect coverage includes, all SMT and PTH parts down to 01005, part presence/absence verification, part polarity and pin #1 orientation, part position and skew errors, laser marking, wrong part and device differences such as: labels and colour variations.

The CAD import facility requires only basic placement Information such as Ref ID, Part No, Package Type, X, Y and rotation. Any adjustments to scaling, rotation, polarity and positioning can be adjusted using the correct fields in the CAD exchange file. An enhancement to this feature is the BOM comparison tool which allows you to import either the CAD or Pick and place info and then compare that information to the electronic BOM.

A file will then be created with any errors between the XY and BOM files, and an import file will also be created with the merged information, automatically making the perfect document for First Article Inspection

The layout viewer is another simple but very effective electronic tool that ensures that the inspection is being carried out is correct to not only to the BOM and XY Positions, but also polarity enabled devices have been placed in the correct orientation.

The software simultaneously displays the layout position and the position on the actual board, displaying the correct orientation and pin 1 position.

The PDF or JPG of the layout is loaded into the software, the XY information is then overlayed so that the actual board and the Layout file are the same size.