Automated Optical Inspection – The economic realities of quality control, rework cost and need for customer confidence make Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) a necessity in Circuit Board manufacturing environments AOI can take a number of roles on the PCB production line. There are a number of “captive” applications such as accurate component positioning in the pick and place system, or screen checking in the paste printer, and there are also stand-alone functions to which AOI is ideally suited.

AOI Systems ScanSpection uses two basic algorithm groups to inspect component and soldering. The first algorithm checks the component related parameters at once, with these being entered to a Model training phase. The second algorithm group is for solder and lead inspection and offers the ability to use the optimum algorithm for the type of inspection to be carried out. In addition the solder inspection and lead inspection can be attached to a package type rather than component type to assist in programming.

Drawer Assembly

Desktop AOI using the same high performance scanner and software features of the In-Line ScanSpection AOI. The board is loaded and unloaded using the drawer facility allowing the operator to place the board on predefined blocks. The positional accuracy of the board is not critical as the fiducial alignment of the board ensures test repeatability.


Fully automated inline AOI incorporating optical alignment to on-board fiducials maintaining positional accuracy from board to board.
Faults reported to panel and board position. All faults can be stored with pictures for use with Scanspections Rework Software. Full fault classification facility for SPC analysis comes as standard. ScanSpections simple programming and user interface ensures that high quality programs can be quickly and easily created for production

This user friendly operator interface is so simple to use that training can be carried out in less than 30 minutes.
Automatic scanner adjustment removes the possibility of operator error as well as dramatically reducing set up times. A simple Green pass and Red fail quickly indicates suspect devices. The review mode allows closer examination and classification on the devices with the option of collecting the information for full SPC analysis.

The “Operator” environment Interacts with the rework server allowing offline rework for high volume applications.